1. The Newcastle Young Writers Fair was great last weekend. I did this strip from my table at the zine fair. 

  2. Straight from my sketchbook to your screen

  3. Lost and found came through for once. kingsford bus depot is a weird place.

  4. hatcapitol:

    Reprinting yeah nah issue 1 for TINA this sunday. NEW COLOURS, YEAH.

    Come say gday if you’re in Newy

  5. Comic for the SCA gradshow catalogue 

  6. hatcapitol:

    Regram of my instructional illustration for @lenoeudpapillon hot off the printers! Stoked to see them in real life! #howtotieabowtie

  7. hatcapitol:

    Out of context comics #2

  8. hatcapitol:

    Out of context comics

  9. hatcapitol:

    struuuth #edroth

    Aaand finished

  10. hatcapitol:

    Ripping off legends. Shoulda got my licence